What The Science of Fitness is About

Our mission at The Science of Fitness (SCI-FIT) is to help you come to grips with the fitness research and get a deeper understanding of the human body. We do this by improving your critical thinking skills and knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and health.

At The Science of Fitness, we write review articles, create study collections, interview researchers, and analyze studies. You will find plain language summaries at the top of every article, helping you understand the science without having to be an expert in the field. Scientific fitness research is often daunting in its complexity because it is written by scientists for scientists. We simplify the research and make it accessible.


Sharing Science

Sharing Science

The goal of SCI-FIT is to review and share scientific research in the fields of fitness, nutrition, sports, and health.

Sharing Science

Mental Training

We aim to develop the logical reasoning and critical thinking skills of our readers.

Sharing Science


The articles on SCI-FIT are created through collaboration between different contributors. Every contributor has his or her own special skills.

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Our review articles cover a large number of studies, and our claims are supported by scientific citations.

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SCI-FIT is run without external funding by other companies, individuals, or organizations.

Sharing Science


All our study analyses, methodology, and conflicts of interest are freely available.


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