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Sci-Fit (The Science of Fitness) launched in September 2016 and is owned by Adam Tzur. The purpose of the site is to simplify fitness and nutrition research and make it accessible to the public.


Adam Tzur


Adam works in the research organization SINTEF.
He has a Master's degree in Communication with a minor in Exercise Science.

Published research
The Ketogenic Diet for Bodybuilders and Physique Athletes (Strength and Conditioning Journal).

Featured in
Stronger By Science, Revive StrongerSuperhuman radio.

Authors and contributors

This is an overview of all the scientists and coaches who have contributed to Sci-Fit.


Brandon Roberts, PhD

Author, reviewer.

Brandon Roberts is a Research Physiologist in the U.S. Army. His mission is to optimize Warfighter health and performance through medical research.

Grant Tinsley, PhD


Grant is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Energy Balance & Body Composition Laboratory at Texas Tech University.

Brad Schoenfeld, PhD

Contributor & Reviewer.

Brad Schoenfeld is a Professor of Exercise Science at Lehman College.

Lee Bell, Senior Lecturer


Lee Bell is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science at Sheffield Hallam University. He does research on overtraining and recovery.

Dr. Allan Bacon


Allan Bacon is the founder of Maui Athletics. He is a certified personal trainer, coach, and nutritionist.

Alex Leaf, M.S., CISSN

Reviewer, editor.

Alex is currently a researchers for The Energy Blueprint, and was previously a senior researcher and editor for Examine.com.

Brad Dieter, PhD


Brad is COO at Macros Inc and Director of Science at Harness Biotechnology.

Israel Halperin, PhD

Author, reviewer.

Israel is a Senior Lecturer at Tel Aviv University.

Jack Quint


Jack has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science.

Ruby Cherie


Ruby Cherie is a Coach and Certified Health & Performance Nutritionist.

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