Strength and Hypertrophy


Exogenous Ketones – Worth Buying? Scientific Recommendations

Exogenous ketones are a new type of supplement that is said to boost performance, burn fat, and have many other benefits. Sci-Fit has reviewed the ketone supplement literature, and we have covered: fat burning, athletic performance, recovery from exercise, taste, side effects, price, and more.

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Does mTOR Cause Hypertrophy?

Lauded as the source of all gains, mTOR has a big rep to live up to. In this article, we’re going to answer the following questions:

– What are the functions of mTOR?
– Can mTOR activation lead to hypertrophy?
– Are there situations where mTOR activation does not lead to gains?

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Study Collections

Drop Set Study Collection Sci-Fit

Drop Set Study Collection

The drop set is an intense training technique used by bodybuilders. Yet, is it superior to regular strength training for strength and hypertrophy?

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Critical Study Analysis

Science Spotlights

Science Spotlight: Alex Leaf

Alex Leaf is a science writer working for He writes about nutrition, health, fitness, and more. Get to know Alex through his interview, articles, and podcasts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for the Ketogenic Diet

Written by: Adam Tzur (FB: SCI-FIT) Last updated: 25.10.2017 Do you have questions about the ketogenic diet? Send them to and the answers might be added to this FAQ. […]

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